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 Foreclosure Prevention Specialist in Sussex, Sparta

Dealing with foreclosure? Get help from a certified realtor foreclosure specialist:

A foreclosure is a financial option available to the homeowner where the mortgage lender takes over the property and sells it to fulfill the mortgage-related payments. Foreclosure is a process that can leave any homeowner in a hopeless situation.

When one is facing the stress and pressures of an upside-down mortgage, foreclosure may seem like the easiest and least toiling option amongst the others, but it requires one to declare bankruptcy and also leaves a serious demerit on one's credit records.

What is the way out in such a situation?

In such cases, a short sale of one's property is a very good option. A short sale will allow the homeowner to settle the debt for less than their original mortgage, which can have a smaller effect on their credit scores.

The process of a short sale is comparatively longer and more labor-intensive, but all the hard work pays off in the end, giving a sellers a more positive outcome for their future.

However, short sale negotiations are tricky and require a talented and skillful agent with years of experience to make the lender sign off a considerable amount of the mortgage. The short sale can only take place at the lender's discretion. Therefore, if you are looking to short sell your property, getting the right help from the right people is the right thing to do. Our firm offers the services of a short sale foreclosure specialist in Sparta, NJ servicing Sussex, Passaic, Morris, and Warren counties.

The state of New Jersey has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country; that is why at NJ Short Sale Help, we provide services from a certified realtor foreclosure specialist in Sparta, Sussex, Morris, Passaic and Warren counties. It is imperative to get the help required if you are behind on your mortgage and face short sale prospects; then, our short sale foreclosure specialist in Sparta, NJ working in Sussex, Morris, Passaic and Warren counties can help you out.

At our realty firm, people are helped with various processes, namely listing a home, locating a buyer, and working and negotiating with the bank. We guide and support our clients from the first step to the very last so that they can finally get rid of the shackles of their upside-down mortgage and move on with their lives.

Foreclosure is not the answer to your problems. It can only bring about further issues and troubles in your pursuit of a home of your own. It will also leave an unwanted mark on your credit score record that will not let you enter the mortgage market for almost a decade.

On the other hand, there are many benefits to a short sale.

For example — Home affordable foreclosure alternatives program.


The HAFA program provides homeowners with options so that they do not have to opt for foreclosures. It also offers incentives to borrowers, services, and investors who utilize a short-sale or deed-in-lieu to avoid foreclosures. Under this program's care, the mortgage lender is allowed to accept less for than the amount the borrower owes for their mortgage.

Further, with a short sale, the effect on your credit scores is minimal. You can almost immediately purchase another home by getting a new mortgage with some restrictions.

At NJ Short Sale Help, we will help you short sell your property, and we do it faster than anyone else on the market. Our certified realtor foreclosure specialist in Sparta, NJ working in all areas of Sussex, Morris, Passaic and Warren counties will also guide you through all the documentation processes the lender asks for, and we will help you get them organized.

The cherry on top is that the bank pays all real estate commissions at the closing, and our services are completely free to you. It feels nice for us, too, not to impose any additional financial burden on our clients in their time of need.

A short sale is the best option for you when facing foreclosure. Plan for a short sale in advance as soon as you fall behind on your mortgage and be guided on the correct path towards recovering your financial situation.

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