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Facing foreclosure?  A short sale may help.

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A short-sale occurs when a homeowner's lender allows the homeowner to sell the house for less than the amount owed on the mortgage. Maneuvering through a short-sale takes a highly skilled realtor experienced in dealing with both sellers and lenders. Fill out this form and Jeannette Burke will contact you to see if a short sale is right for you.

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NJ Short Sale and Distressed Property Agent in Sussex, Sparta

Behind on your mortgage? Work with one of the best short-sale real estate agents in Sparta, NJ servicing Sussex, Morris, Warren and Passaic Counties!

The word “home” is supposed to bring us comfort and beautiful memories. But, a home with an upside-down mortgage can hardly do that for anyone.


An upside-down mortgage is a sad but highly rampant reality for many areas of our country and especially in the state of New Jersey. So, if you are behind on your mortgage, don’t worry because you are not alone in this situation nor is this an unsolvable issue. NJ Short Sale Help is here to help you navigate through these tough times until you emerge debt-free to be able to move on with your life.


Our firm helps people by providing services to navigate through the short-sale process in Sussex, Morris, Passaic and Warren Counties, guiding them at each and every step of the way starting with a listing of their home, finding a buyer, and lastly, working and negotiating with the bank.

Why is a negotiation with your bank required?


It is because short sales are all about making your lender agree to let you off without collecting the entire amount of your mortgage in case the mortgage goes underwater.


When can my mortgage be considered underwater?


When the price of your property falls, but you are still required to pay the original amount of your mortgage, it is called a situation where your mortgage has gone underwater.


This is where NJ Short Sale Help comes to the rescue. Jeannette Burke is a real estate agent and short sale specialist in Sparta, a realtor associate at realty executives, and a distressed property expert. She works hard with homeowners, lenders, and attorneys to help people short sale their distressed properties. She is an experienced distressed property expert and one of the best short-sale real estate agents in the region which proves to be an asset while handling things more often than not.


Can't I negotiate the short sale of my home on my own?


Negotiating short sales with banks is a complex matter and can prove to be tricky at times; therefore, the skills and experience of a professional are required to smoothen out all the bumps along the way. It is highly recommended that people facing an underwater mortgage, foreclosure, or even a future mortgage payment default situation seek advice and guidance from an experienced realtor or distressed property expert. It will be wise to hire a short-sale real estate agents in your area.


At NJ Short Sale Help, we provide proper advice and guidance through one of the best short-sale real estate agents in Sussex, Morris, Passaic and Warren Counties. Real estate agent and short sale specialist, Jeannette Burke, in Sparta, NJ, will help our clients navigate each and every matter concerning the short sale of their property. We keep you in the loop throughout the process and help organize the paperwork required for the same. We save our clients in the nick of time so that they do not face the prospects of foreclosure, as it is more damaging to the seller in the long run.


When it comes to short sales and foreclosure, there are a few things that ought to be put out of the way from the beginning:-


• Short sales can be controlled in certain ways from the homeowner's end, while foreclosure is a process that is completely up to the mortgage lender.

• Foreclosure is devastating to anyone's credit scores; it can keep one out of the mortgage market for almost a decade. In addition, one can get sued for any remaining mortgage.

• The effect of a short sale on one's credit scores is minimal. One can secure a new mortgage with a few restrictions rather quickly.

• A foreclosure has grave consequences on one's financial future. One has to declare bankruptcy and face a huge discredit to their FICO scores. A short sale may seem like a labor-intensive and lengthy process (it takes about 6-8 months for completion) to many, but this hard work proves to be worth it in the end. A short sale is a matter that has to be acted upon at the right time, but when done correctly with the help of an expert, it provides a long-term and lasting solution for homeowners with distressed properties.

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